The Binder and the Server

Saturday 20 July, 5pm at Copeland Book Market
Publishing Forum reading group
Reading ‘The Binder and the Server’ published by Triple Canopy 2013
Open Reading Group reading with Banner Repeater, X Marks the Bökship and The Everyday Press. All welcome.

The Binder and the Server is the outcome of several group discussions among Triple Canopy editors, and was written by senior editor Colby Chamberlain. The essay details the history of Triple Canopy in order to stake out our position on the ideology of Internet culture. By carefully examining the history of new-media publishing and the shift from disciplinary to control societies, the essay addresses the politics of online identity, friendship, labor, and the dream of digital democracy. In short: On the Internet, we are all contractors.

Available from Lulu, price £3.95

Temporary download for reading group use only:
The Binder and The Server PDF